Gregorio Marangon - Zalando
Black Friday & Cyber Week - 2019

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Zalando Cyber Week is a 9 days sales event. During this time, we decided to depict the event into a “train” on a journey to one destination: Black Friday. Every person on a train has his own different story and his own destination to go to, they are taking the train as a medium to pursuing their needs/objectives. Zalando wants to be that train, with endless possibilities and each day unique offers.

During the presale phase, we explored every day a different carriage of the train/U-Bahn, each with its own different theme and visual props that relate to the set category of the individual Warm-Up Days. Once the Presale phase was over, the train finally arrived at the Black Friday Central Station; here instead of a U-Bahn carriage, we visualized a train station where all the categories/themes of the presale phase were visible all at once, promoting the vast assortment and range of products on sale during Black Friday.

In terms of Style/Tonality, we wanted to create something minimal, whimsical, and colorful. Quirky and unrealistic visuals, stripped to the essential; where the primary focus is on the personas and products.

Agency: Zalando
Photography: Kasia Bielska
Production: Photoby

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