Gregorio Marangon - Nike
WRS - Women's Race Series

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We asked women in Berlin to trade their collected Nike+ running miles for healthy raw snacks at our truck. We designed our own moving food truck where you could trade kilometers for drinks, food and goodies.

The treats were prepared by Lisa Müller, known for the best raw food in town. Our food truck travelled through the city in collaboration with different markets over the course of several weeks. We had the markets post on their social media about our truck, inviting runners, explaining how it works and promoting WRS. Every post was linked to the, where they could sign up for the run.

By creating wildpostings, gear giveaways, as well as a traveling food truck for their last push, we went from a 6.5K signup in 2014 to our 10K+ goal for 2015.

Agency: VCCP Berlin

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