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One of the main topics of 2016 was the refugee crisis. Berlin showed its support to the cause in a lot of different ways. However, a lack of integration on social activities within the refugees and fellow Europeans was still absent. Understanding and respect towards each other despite language, cultural and religious differences were values we wanted to communicate. Through sport and team activities, especially amongst the younger generation, this would have made it possible.

The creative idea is pretty simple, using sport as a medium to deliver a clear message: We are all the same. Therefore we wanted to bring sports activities to the refugees and connect with them; when we do sport there are no differences, no political sides, no races, no languages. Basket courts, football goals, running tracks, skateboards ramps… will be installed in Tempelhof park providing organization of games, small tournament, and classes to everyone who wants to join.

Actions of wild posting, social networks, school programs and sports teams around Berlin will be activated to create buzz and get attention to the event. The event will not only be about sports but will also work as an information center for the refugees and Berlin residents in order to connect and communicate.

Agency: VCCP Berlin

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