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For the first time, in Germany tech-lash is negatively impacting product sentiment. We know that product and brand are positively linked. So how can we change that? By using our product magic to awaken the (tech) optimist in our audience. Who are we trying to connect with? Our most connected, most conflicted, audience. They’re young, urban and at an inflection point when it comes to tech. They’re hooked, but they’re also cynical. They appreciate what tech does for them; at the same time, they yearn to be free of it. They take the magic for granted precisely because it’s so woven into the fabric of their lives.

What is our approach?
Make the invisible, visible.

About all those things you’re doing.
The human stuff.
Those unthinking things.
Keep doing them.
Because it’s our little impulses and oddities that make us so beautifully… well, human.
So keep moving to Tokyo without knowing a single word of Japanese. We’ll translate on the fly.
Keep forgetting your nineteen-digit wifi password.
We’ve got you covered.
Keep trying to find that one pancake place… beginning with the letter… B? Because we know Bubby’s.
Keep trying to find that one photo. You know, that one with the…inflatable lobster.
So keep doing all the wonderful things you do.
And we’ll keep making sure it all works out beautifully.

Agency: 72andSunny Amsterdam

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